Our mission

Our mission is to build the world’s best metasearch, distributing price comparison offers to millions of visitors across the world, backed by automated performance marketing and an iterative data-driven approach to development, delivered to a global audience of 100+ markets, across all devices and languages.

We aim to move the dial from 25,000 bookings per month during 2017 to over 75,000 per month in 2018. We will deliver this growth through data-driven innovation in our user experience – both our front-end and the underlying algorithms – building a product that is tailored to every user's individual needs.

Our values

There are a few strong underlying values our team has in common, which allows us to grow as a company. These values reflect our day to day activities, as well as our long-term strategy:

Data-driven Decision Making

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We strive to back all decisions and design all solutions to problems with data rather than opinions and gut feelings.

Innovation & Experimentation

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With a bold mindset, we want to be able to experiment and ‘fail fast’ to learn and excel in our field. We strive to innovate not only within the context of a process, but rethinking the process itself when necessary. Coasting is the same as going down hill.

Flexibility to change at any time

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We are obsessed with pushing to the limit our ability to be as specific as possible and scaling as much as possible. In order to do that, we keep an ability to change even core activities to reach our goals.

» Our mindset «

  • Seek Out Change

    You don’t have to wait for permission and you don’t need anyone else to grant you status.

  • Process is the box

    Use it regularly and step out of it daily.

  • Do as much as you read

    Be inspired. Listen to music. Read. Learn.

  • High tech, low stress

    Think in automation, make getting the job done as easy as possible.

» Our culture «

  • Focus & Discipline

    While the freedom to work independently and a casual work atmosphere are important to us, we believe it is crucial to build good habits of discipline and attention to detail. This is why we want team and company meetings to be scheduled periodically, decisions and plans to be documented, (average) time spent on activities to be tracked.

  • Default to open

    We want to live in a trustable, communicative environment, where information can flow and help us grow and innovate.

  • Cultivating creativity

    Creativity cannot be taken for granted, we want to encourage it actively by allocating time for teams and individual team members to work on side projects and take courses.

Curious to hear more?

We are always looking for bright talents to join the crew, you might be one of us!

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